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Gathering People into Groups
Editing a Contact group
People come and people go in Contact groups, just as they do everywhere
else. It’s a good thing you can edit the lists.
1. Click People in the Navigation pane.
2. Double-click the name of one of your Contact groups (the entries that
show a multi-headed icon to the right of their names).
You see the same screen you saw when you first created the list.
3. Choose your option:
•Remove a member of the list: Click that name and click the Remove
Member button. (I hope Microsoft finds a better name for that
button in the future. Ouch!)
•Select a new member from the names already in your Contacts list:
Click the Add Members button and follow the same routine you
used when you created the list.
•Add a person whose e-mail address isn’t listed in Contacts list: Click
the Add Members button, select New Email Contact, fill in the
person’s name and e-mail address, and click the OK button.
Using a Contact group
Contact groups show up as items in your Contacts list along with people’s
names — so (as you’d guess) you can use a Contact group to address an
e-mail message just as you would with any contact. You can drag the card for
a Contact group to your Inbox to create a new e-mail message to that list. You
can also type the name of the Contact group in the To field of an e-mail
message and click the Check Names button on the toolbar. When Outlook
adds an underline to the name in the To box, you know that your message
will go to the people in your Contact group.
Adding pictures to contacts
You can include a picture with the contact information you collect, and not
just for decoration. Now that many cell phones and other mobile devices
synchronize with the Outlook Contacts list, you can make someone’s picture
appear on your cell phone screen every time he or she calls or texts. Those
pictures also appear when you pick the Business Card view of your Outlook
contacts. If you’re the type who forgets names but never forgets a face, you
can collect both names and faces.
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