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Chapter 8: Unleashing the Calendar’s Power
Chapter 8
Unleashing the Calendar’s Power
In This Chapter
Using the Date Navigator
Finding a date (the number kind)
Making and breaking dates
Viewing the calendar
Printing your appointments
Reminding yourself to celebrate
Do working people work all day? No. Most working people spend the
day going to meetings. It’s enough to send anyone to Overmeeters
Anonymous. The Outlook Calendar can’t halt the relentless tedium of meetings,
but it can speed up the scheduling process and help you budget your time
for more meetings!
Getting around the Outlook Calendar
No doubt you’ve been looking at calendars your whole life, so Outlook
Calendar will be pretty simple for you to understand. It looks like a calendar:
plain old rows of dates, Monday through Friday plus weekends, and so on.
You don’t have to think like a computer to understand your schedule.
If you want to see more information about something in your calendar, most
of the time, you just click the calendar with your mouse. If that doesn’t give
you enough information, click twice. If that doesn’t give you everything
you’re looking for, read on; I fill you in on the fine points.
The Date Navigator is actually the name of this feature, but don’t confuse it
with Casanova’s chauffeur. The Date Navigator (shown at the upper-left of
Figure 8-1) is a trick that you can use in Outlook to change the part of the
calendar you’re seeing or the time period you want to see.
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