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Chapter 8: Unleashing the Calendar’s Power
Click to change month.
Figure 8-1:
The Outlook
Believe it or not, that unassuming calendar scrap is probably the quickest way
to change how you look at the calendar and make your way around in it. Just
click the date you want to see, and it opens in all its glory. It couldn’t be simpler.
To navigate your calendar, follow these steps:
1. Click Calendar in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+2).
The calendar appears in the Information Viewer, while the top part of
the Navigation pane displays the Date Navigator. If you have the To-Do
bar open, the Date Navigator appears there, as well.
2. Click the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month button in the Ribbon.
The button you click is highlighted.
visible. You see the appointments and events scheduled for the
day you clicked.
the triangles on either side of the name of the month .
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