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Meetings Galore: Scheduling Appointments
Meetings Galore: Scheduling
Many people live and die by their datebooks. The paper type of datebook still
exists. (How quaint.) I’ll admit, I find them the easiest kind of datebook to put
stuff in, although after it’s in, the stuff can be a pain to find. Electronic gizmos
like iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerrys can also serve as datebooks, but
sometimes it’s hard to put appointments into them because they’re small and
mouseless. Fortunately, many digital gadgets synchronize to Outlook, so you
can have the best of both worlds!
Outlook makes it surprisingly easy to add appointments — and even easier to
find items that you’ve entered. It also warns you when you’ve scheduled two
dates simultaneously. (Very embarrassing!)
Press Ctrl+Shift+A from any Outlook section to create an appointment. The
catch is that you won’t see the appointment on the calendar until you switch
to the Calendar view.
The quick-and-dirty way to
enter an appointment
Some appointments don’t need much explanation. If you’re having lunch with
Mom on Friday, there’s no reason to make a big production out of entering
the appointment.
1. Make sure the calendar is open in a view that shows the hours of the
day in a column.
For example, the Work Week view does.
2. Click the starting time of your appointment.
3. Type a description.
Lunch with Mom works.
4. Press Enter.
Your appointment is now part of your official schedule, faster than you
can say, “Waiter!”
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