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Meetings Galore: Scheduling Appointments
Not ever: Breaking dates
Well, sometimes things just don’t work out. Sorry about that. Even if it’s hard for
you to forget, with the click of a mouse, Outlook deletes dates that you otherwise
fondly remember — okay, two clicks of a mouse. C’est la vie, c’est l’amour, c’est la
guerre. (Look for my next book, Tawdry French Clichés For Dummies. )
To delete an appointment (after you’ve called to break it, of course), follow
these steps:
1. Right-click the appointment (that is, click with the right mouse button).
2. Choose Delete.
As far as Outlook is concerned, your appointment is canceled.
By pressing Ctrl+D, you can delete an appointment in just one, brusque
keystroke. How cold. Just make sure you have selected the correct date first!
We’ve got to keep seeing each other:
Recurring dates
Some appointments are like a meal at a Chinese restaurant: As soon as you’re
done with one, you’re ready for another. With Outlook, you can easily create
an appointment that comes back like last night’s spicy Szechwan noodles.
To create a recurring (that is, regularly scheduled) appointment, follow these
1. Click the appointment that you want to repeat.
The appointment is highlighted.
2. Click the Recurrence button in the Ribbon (see Figure 8-8).
The Appointment Recurrence dialog box appears (as shown in Figure 8-9).
If you simply click the OK button to accept the preset choices in the
Appointment Recurrence dialog box, your appointment will repeat at the
same time each week forever. However, you might not be prepared to
schedule meetings from now until doomsday. Doomsday isn’t a federal
holiday, by the way; you’ll still have to work (unless you take a personal
doomsday). So you might want to fill in the rest of the Appointment
Recurrence dialog box just to be sure.
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