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Getting a Good View of Your Calendar
I find it helpful to enter regular appointments, such as classes or regular
recreational events, even if I’m sure I won’t forget them. Entering all my
activities into Outlook prevents me from scheduling conflicting appointments.
Getting a Good View of Your Calendar
Outlook enables you to slice and dice the information in every section
nearly any way you can imagine, using different views. You could easily fill
a cookbook with the different views you can create, but I’m going to stick to
the standard ways of looking at a calendar that most people are used to. If
you want to cook up a calendar arrangement that nobody’s ever thought of
before, Outlook will probably let you. If you accidentally create a Calendar
view you don’t like — “Only Mondays? Yikes. What was I thinking?” — that’s
okay; you can delete it.
The basic Calendar views are Daily view, Work Week view, Week view, and
Month view; see Figure 8-12. Other views (such as Schedule) are helpful when
you’re trying to figure out when you did something or when you will do
Daily view
Work Week view
Figure 8-12:
The various
Week view
Month view
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