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Printing Your Appointments
Outlook displays buttons for all of its Calendar views in the Ribbon. You can
change Calendar views by clicking the name of the view you want to see. If
the view you select doesn’t suit you, don’t worry — just click a different view.
In the Schedule view (shown in Figure 8-13), you can view an arrangement of
your calendar set on its side, which is useful if you nod off and fall over
sideways during one of those interminable meetings you’ve scheduled. It’s
also a useful way to view your calendar in a more linear sequence for
planning purposes.
Figure 8-13:
Printing Your Appointments
Plain old paper is still everybody’s favorite medium for reading. No matter
how slick your computer organizer is, you may still need old-fashioned ink
on paper to make it really useful. To be brutally honest, Outlook’s
calendarprinting feature stinks. If you can’t figure out how to print your calendar the
way you want, it’s probably not your fault.
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