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Handling Multiple Calendars
Handling Multiple Calendars
People who led double lives were once considered thrilling and dangerous.
Now they’re underachievers. You only have two lives? Well, get busy, pal —
get three more. Outlook can manage as many calendars as you have lives.
Even if you’re a mild-mannered person who just likes peace and quiet, you
might want to keep your personal calendar and your business calendar
separate by creating two calendars in Outlook.
Creating multiple calendars
To create an additional Outlook Calendar, do this:
1. Click the Calendar button in the Navigator pane.
2. Click Open Calendar in the Manage Calendars group of the Home
tab’s Ribbon.
3. Choose Create New Blank Calendar.
4. Give your new calendar a name.
5. Click OK.
The name you’ve assigned to your new calendar appears in the Folder
pane, to the right of a blank check box. If you select the check box, your
new calendar will appear in the Information Viewer screen side by side
with your original calendar, using the same Day, Week, or Month view
(see Figure 8-15). If you deselect the check box to remove the check
mark, the calendar you deselected disappears.
Managing multiple calendars
You can’t be in two places at once. Even if you could, you wouldn’t want your
boss to know that; otherwise, you’d end up having to be everywhere at once
for the same pay. That’s why you’ll like the fact that you can superimpose
Outlook Calendars to avoid schedule conflicts. When you open two calendars
side by side, one of the two calendars displays an arrow on the tab at the top
of the screen. By clicking that arrow, you can superimpose the two calendars
to see whether any appointments conflict (see Figure 8-16).
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