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Frequenting the To-Do Bar
Frequenting the To-Do Bar
Outlook 2013 has a feature called the To-Do bar that pulls together all the
things you need to do and displays them in a single part of the Outlook
screen (see Figure 9-1). The goal of the To-Do bar is to let you know what
you need to do at a glance rather than making you check your calendar, then
check your e-mail Inbox, and then check your Task list. The items you’ll see
most often in the To-Do bar include
Tasks you’ve entered
Your next few appointments
E-mail messages you’ve flagged for action
At first, the To-Do bar can seem a little confusing because things turn up
there that you may not have put there directly. For example, if you receive
an e-mail message on a Monday and apply the flag labeled This Week, it’ll
turn up for action two Fridays later, when you might have forgotten about it.
That’s what the To-Do bar is for — to prevent you from forgetting.
Figure 9-1:
The To-Do
bar — more
than you’ll
ever want
to do.
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