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Entering New Tasks in the Tasks Module
Figure 9-4:
Enter your
new task
in the Task
4. (Optional) To assign a due date to the task, click the Due Date box.
5. (Optional) Enter the due date in the Due Date box.
You can enter a date in Outlook in several ways. You can type 7/4/13 ,
the first Friday of July , or Three weeks from Friday . You can also click the
scroll-down button (triangle) at the right end of the Due Date text box
and choose the date you want from the drop-down calendar.
6. (Optional) To assign a start date to the task, click the Start Date box
and enter the start date.
If you haven’t started the task, you can skip this step. You can use the
same tricks to enter the start date that you use to enter the due date.
When you’re entering information in a dialog box such as the Task form,
you can press Tab to move from one text box to the next. You can use
the mouse to click each text box before you type, but pressing Tab is a
bit faster.
7. (Optional) Click the Status box to choose the status of the task.
If you haven’t begun, leave Status set to Not Started. You can also
choose In Progress, Completed, Waiting on Someone Else, or Deferred.
8. (Optional) Click the triangle at the right end of the Priority box to
choose the priority.
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