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Entering New Tasks in the Tasks Module
If you don’t change anything, the priority stays Normal. You can also
choose High or Low.
9. (Optional) Select the Reminder check box if you want to be reminded
before the task is due.
If you’d rather forget the task, forget the reminder. But then, why enter
the task?
10. (Optional) Click the date box next to the Reminder check box and
enter the date when you want to be reminded.
If you entered a due date, Outlook has already entered that date in the
Reminder box. You can enter any date you want (see Figure 9-5). If you
choose a date in the past, Outlook lets you know that it won’t be setting
a reminder. If you open the scroll-down menu by clicking the icon on
the right of the date box, a calendar appears. You can click the date you
desire in the calendar.
There’s no reason that the reminder date you enter has to be the same
as the due date of the task. You might consider setting a reminder
sometime before the task is due. That way you avoid that last-minute
angst over things that you forgot until the last minute. Unless you enjoy
last-minute anxiety, you should use reminders.
Figure 9-5:
A calendar
drops down
to show the
date your
task is due.
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