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Editing Your Tasks
If you can see the name of a task, and if you want to change something about
the task you can see, follow the steps I describe in this section. If you can’t
see the task or the part you want to change, use the regular method, which I
describe in the next section of this chapter.
To change a task the quick-and-dirty way, follow these steps:
1. Highlight and then click the thing you want to change.
You see a blinking line at the end of the text, a triangle at the right end of
the box, or a menu with a list of choices.
2. Select the old information.
The old text is highlighted to show it’s selected (as shown in Figure 9-6).
3. Type the new information.
The new information replaces the old.
4. Press Enter.
Isn’t that easy? If all you want to change is the name or due date, the
quick-and-dirty way will get you there.
Figure 9-6:
A task
in the Task
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