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Editing Your Tasks
If you’re using Outlook at home, chances are that nobody else will
care, but you may feel better if you know how well you’re doing. You
can’t add your own choices to the Status box. (I’d like to add, “Waiting,
hoping the task will go away.” No such luck.) Figure 9-7 shows the Task
box with the Status field highlighted.
Figure 9-7:
This task
hasn’t been
started yet.
9. Click the scroll-down button (triangle) at the right end of the Priority
box to change the priority.
Switch the priority to High or Low, if the situation changes (see
Figure 9-8).
Figure 9-8:
Let’s hear it
for a lower
10. Select or deselect the Reminder check box if you want to turn the
reminder on or off.
Reminders are easy and harmless, so why not use them? If you didn’t
ask for one the first time, do it now.
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