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Editing Your Tasks
11. Click the date box next to the Reminder check box to enter or change
the date when you want to be reminded.
You can enter any date you want. Your entry doesn’t have to be the due
date; it can be much earlier, reminding you to get started. You can even
set a reminder after the task is due, which isn’t very useful. You should
make sure that the reminder is before the due date. (The default date for
a reminder is the date the task is due.)
12. Change the time that you want to activate the reminder in the time box.
When entering times, keep it simple. The entry 230 does the trick when
you want to enter 2:30 p.m. If you make appointments at 2:30 a.m. (I’d
rather not know what kind of appointments you make at that hour), you
can type 230a .
13. Click the text box to add or change miscellaneous notes and information
about this task.
You can add detailed information here that doesn’t really belong
anywhere else in the Task form (as shown in Figure 9-9). You see these
details only when you open the Task form again; they don’t normally
show up in your Task list.
14. Click the Save & Close button to finish.
There! You’ve changed your task.
Figure 9-9:
details. Add
’em in the
text box.
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