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Managing Recurring Tasks
Figure 9-10:
How often
should this
task be
If you choose to create a monthly task, for example, you can click the
scroll-down buttons (triangles) to choose First and then choose Monday
to schedule a task on the first Monday of each month.
5. In the Range of Recurrence section, enter the first occurrence in the
Start box.
6. Choose when you want the appointments to stop (no end date, after a
certain number of occurrences, or at a certain date).
7. Click the OK button.
A banner appears at the top of the Task form describing the recurrence
pattern of the task.
8. Click the Save & Close button.
Your task appears in the list of tasks once, but it has a different type of icon
than nonrecurring tasks so that you can tell at a glance that it’s a recurring
Creating a regenerating task
A regenerating task is like a recurring task, except that it recurs only when
a certain amount of time passes after the last time you completed the task.
Suppose that you mow the lawn every two weeks. If it rains for a week
and one mowing happens a week late, you still want to wait two weeks for
the next one. If you schedule your mowings in Outlook, you can use the
Regenerating Task feature to enter your lawn-mowing schedule.
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