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Chapter 10: For the Record: Notes and Journal Entries
Chapter 10
For the Record: Notes
and Journal Entries
In This Chapter
Composing, finding, deleting, or resizing a note
Opening and reading a note
Printing notes
Changing your colors
Recording items in the Journal
Checking out Journal entries for a contact
Printing your Journal
Changing your view of the Journal
The simple, dopey features of a program are often my favorites — the
features I end up using all the time, such as Outlook Notes and the
Outlook Journal. Outlook Notes is my favorite underappreciated feature.
There’s really nothing earth-shattering about Notes, and certainly nothing
difficult. This feature is just there when you need it — ready to record
whatever strange, random thoughts are passing through your head while
you’re working. (As you can tell from my writing, strange, random thoughts
are a common occurrence for me. That’s why I love using Notes.)
The Journal is another underappreciated feature — a place for recording who
did what and when he or she did it. The feature gets so little use that it no
longer rates a button in the Navigation pane the way it did when Outlook was
a new product. But just because the Journal is easy to overlook doesn’t mean
that it can’t do a lot for you.
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