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Finding a Note
Here’s the basic scoop on how to take virtual notes while doing your work:
1. Click the Notes button in the Navigation pane (or press Ctrl+5).
The Notes list appears.
You don’t actually have to go to the Notes module to create a new note;
you can press Ctrl+Shift+N and then skip to Step 3. I suggest going to the
Notes module first only so that you can see your note appear in the list
of notes when you finish. Otherwise, your note seems to disappear into
thin air (even though it doesn’t). Outlook automatically files your note in
the Notes module unless you make a special effort to send it somewhere
2. Click the New Note button.
The blank note box appears.
3. Type what you want to say in your note, and click the Note icon in the
upper-left corner of the note.
The first line of each note is the title or subject. You can use the first line
creatively to help find a note or to review quickly the topics you have in
your note pile. Figure 10-2 shows my note.
Figure 10-2:
You can
write a note
to remind
yourself of
4. Press Esc.
Finding a Note
Unlike paper stick-on notes, Outlook notes stay where you put them so that
you can always find them — or at least your computer can find them. As a
matter of fact, you can find any item you create in Outlook just by using the
Search tool. (I wish I had a Search tool to help me round up my lost galoshes
and umbrellas.)
Here’s how to find a misplaced note:
1. Click the Notes button in the Navigation pane.
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