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Reading a Note
Your list of notes appears. The Search box appears at the top of the
screen (see Figure 10-3).
Search box
Figure 10-3:
The Search
Notes box.
2. In the Search box, type the word or phrase you’re looking for.
Don’t worry about capitalization. Outlook doesn’t rely on it.
3. If the note you’re looking for turns up, double-click the Note icon to
read what the note says.
Reading a Note
When you write a note, no doubt you plan to read it sometime. Reading notes
is even easier than writing them. To read a note, follow these steps:
1. Click the Notes button in the Navigation pane.
Your list of notes appears.
2. Double-click the title of the note you want to open.
The note appears on-screen (as shown in Figure 10-4). You can close
the note by pressing Esc. Funny how notes look the same when you’re
reading them as they do when you’re writing them.
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