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Categorizing a Note
Categorizing a Note
As you add more and more notes, you can have trouble finding the ones you
want right now. One way to help you track notes is to categorize them by
color and category name.
Here’s how to categorize a note:
1. Click the Notes button in the Navigation pane.
Your list of notes appears.
2. Click the title of the note you want to categorize.
3. Click the Categorize button in the Ribbon.
A pull-down list shows category colors and names. The first time you
use this feature, you’ll see six color categories, each named for their
4. Choose a color/category for the selected note.
The first time you use each category, you’re asked to change the category
name. That way, you can name a category based on how you’ll code
notes (purple for work, yellow for your next bestseller). Type the name
you want for this new category and click Yes; or click No on this dialog
to stick with the color category name. Your categorized Notes then take
on the color associated with any category.
5. Choose an option from Categorize:
•All Categories creates new colors and category names or changes
the name of an existing category.
•Set Quick Click specifies a category to be assigned to a selected
note. That happens when you single-click the Categorize button.
See Chapter 16 for more information on using categories in Outlook.
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