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Viewing Your Notes
Figure 10-5:
your note
if you need
to expound
Viewing Your Notes
Notes are handy enough to stash tidbits of information any way you want,
but what makes notes really useful is what happens when you need to get the
stuff back. You can open your notes one by one and see what’s in them, but
Outlook’s Notes module offers even handier arranging, sorting, and viewing.
Decide what makes sense for you.
Icon view
Some folks like Icon view — just a bunch of notes scattered all over, as they
are on my desk. Because I can already see a mess of notes anytime I look at
my desk, I prefer organized lists for viewing my notes on my computer, but
you may like the more free-form Icon view. To use Icon view, click the Icon
button in the Current View section of the Ribbon (shown in Figure 10-6).
When you do, the screen fills with a bunch of icons and incredibly long titles
for each icon.
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