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Viewing Your Notes
Figure 10-6:
The Icon
view — a
clutter of
Outlook uses the first line of your message as the title of the icon, so the
screen gets cluttered fast. If you prefer creative clutter, this view is for you. If
not, keep reading.
Notes List view
The Notes List view is as basic as basic gets. Just the facts, ma’am. The
Notes List view shows the subject and creation date of each note. To see the
Notes List view, click the words Notes List in the Current View section of the
Navigation pane to list your notes; see Figure 10-7.
I usually recommend Notes List view for opening, forwarding, reading, and
otherwise dealing with notes because it’s the most straightforward. Anything
you can do to a note in Notes List view, you can do in the other Notes views.
The difference is that the other views don’t always let you see the note you
want to do things to.
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