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Peeking into the Journal
Journal entries to show which entries you created first and which you
created last. If you keep track of the time you spend on things like phone
calls, longer calls take up more space than shorter ones. Clicking the
Timeline button in the Ribbon does no harm, but it does very little
good, either.
Entry List view
The Entry List view shows the whole tomato — it’s a view that lists all your
Journal entries, regardless of whom, what, or when. To see the Entry List
view, click the Entry List button in the Ribbon’s Current View section (shown
in Figure 10-13).
You can click the heading at the top of any column to sort the list according
to the information in that column. If you want to arrange your list of Journal
entries by the type of entry, for example, click the Entry Type header. Your
list is sorted alphabetically by type of entry, with conversations before e-mail,
e-mail before faxes, and so on.
Figure 10-13:
Viewing the
entry list —
you’ve ever
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