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It’s All in the Journal
Phone Calls view
Because you can keep track of your phone calls in the Journal, the Journal
lists the calls you’ve tracked. Simply click the Phone Calls button in the
Ribbon. To print a list of your phone calls, switch to Phone Calls view and
press Ctrl+P.
Last 7 Days view
The items you’re likely to need first are the ones you used last. That’s why
Last 7 Days view offers a quick way to see your most recent activities. To see
a week’s worth of Journal entries, click the Last 7 Days button in the Ribbon’s
Current View section.
Documents you’ve created, phone calls, e-mail messages — anything you’ve
done on your computer in the last seven days — is in Last 7 Days view. This
view shows anything you’ve worked on during the last week — including
documents that you may have originally created a long time ago. That’s why
you may see some pretty old dates in this view.
It’s All in the Journal
The Journal can be helpful whether you choose to use it regularly or rarely.
You don’t have to limit yourself to recording documents or Outlook items.
You can keep track of conversations or customer inquiries or any other
transaction in which chronology matters. You can also play starship captain
and record everything you do. (I haven’t tried Outlook in outer space yet, but
I know I would enjoy the view.)
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