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Chapter 11: Social Media Magic with Outlook RSS
Chapter 11
Social Media Magic with
Outlook RSS
In This Chapter
Getting to know social media
Subscribing to YouTube channels
Subscribing to blogs
Subscribing to podcasts
Reading RSS feeds
Using the Outlook Social Connector
Everybody’s doing it — social media that is. You’ve certainly heard about
YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other web services that seem to
have hypnotized everyone. If you have trouble keeping up with social media
gibberish, you’re not alone; it changes much too quickly for most people to
follow. In 2006, for example, MySpace was the number one destination on
the Internet. By 2009, every tech conference expert I encountered swore that
MySpace had gone out of style; Facebook had become everyone’s darling. In
just 30 months, MySpace went from tomorrow’s hope to yesterday’s news.
But social media is important. If you’re still in the working world, these new
services are no passing fad; social media trends now exert powerful influence
on business, culture, and public policy. It doesn’t matter which particular
service predominates at the moment — you need to keep at least a casual
awareness of developments in the world of social media because they could
influence your business and your career.
Brushing Up on Social Media Basics
It’s easy to get confused in a world where social media properties appear and
vanish daily. Fortunately, Outlook 2013 can help you keep current by neatly
tracking your social media subscriptions along with your e-mail, contacts,
appointments, and everything else you need to keep organized (see Figure 11-1).
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