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Subscribing to a YouTube Channel in Outlook
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The word blog comes from the phrase web
log, a kind of open diary in which people post
regular entries to a website for the whole
world to see. Tens of millions of people write
blogs these days. Most of those blogs are silly
or terrible or totally useless, or all of those
things. But even if some of the blogs out there
are useless, far more of them are important
sources of information you don’t want to miss.
Business Week magazine referred to blogs as
“the most explosive outbreak in the information
world since the Internet itself. Blogs are not a
business elective; they’re a prerequisite.”
Subscribing to a YouTube
Channel in Outlook
Most people watch YouTube videos these days. Some people watch way too
many. (I won’t mention any names.) Many of these videos are valuable, but
most are a waste of time. How many skateboard face-plants do you really
need to watch? (Ouch!)
When you run across a YouTube channel that posts videos that you want
to watch regularly, you can subscribe to those channels; with a few mouse
clicks you’ll be up to date for good. You can often guess the location of a
YouTube channel by typing in the Internet Explorer
Address Bar, and then adding a slash sign and a channel name, as shown in
Table 11-1.
Table 11-1
Finding a YouTube Channel
To Find the Channel
for This:
Enter This:
The White House
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Yes, this topic has a YouTube channel, too. Why should you miss out on the
fun? I’ll be posting Outlook tips and tricks from time to time, so tune in.
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