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Subscribing to Blogs in Outlook
Outlook Folder list in the Navigation bar. Just look inside that folder to see
what’s new. You’ll see an entry for each video that looks just like an e-mail
message with a picture from that video. When you double-click one of those
pictures, the video it represents opens for viewing.
If the subscriptions you choose in Internet Explorer don’t show up in Outlook,
you may need to check one Outlook setting to make it work:
1. Click the File tab in Outlook.
2. Choose Options.
3. Choose Advanced.
4. Select the Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in
Windows check box.
It’s in the RSS section.
Subscribing to Blogs in Outlook
Blogs work just like YouTube channels as far as Outlook is concerned, and
you can subscribe to blogs following exactly the same steps that you use to
subscribe to a YouTube channel. Blogs are a little bit easier to understand
because they don’t usually contain video, just text.
In each entry for a blog subscription you’ll see a View Article link. Click that
link to see the whole blog posting.
Subscribing to Podcasts via Outlook
The term podcast is misleading. Lots of people think they can only listen to
podcasts with a digital music player. Others don’t listen to as many podcasts
as they might enjoy because podcasts are a little bit cumbersome to find,
download, and play.
You can subscribe to podcasts in Outlook the same way that you subscribe
to any other RSS feed. However, you might want to add a few more steps to
make it simpler to listen to the podcast after you get it.
There’s nothing difficult about listening to podcasts, but the process is still
somewhat more complex than just clicking the radio button. In the end,
it’s worthwhile because you get to listen to something that interests you, if
you’re willing to jump through a few hoops.
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