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Subscribing to Blogs in Outlook
This typically looks like an unusually long URL: http://www.cinema If you enter the address inaccurately, it won’t
work. Your best bet is to follow these steps:
different names for the same thing, but it’s often an orange button.
After you’ve done that, you can follow the preceding steps and paste the
address into the New RSS Feed dialog box.
5. Click the Add button.
The RSS Feed Options dialog box (see Figure 11-5) shows a variety of
changes you can make to your subscription:
•Feed Name: You can change the name that Outlook displays. Some
feeds have long, clumsy names.
•Delivery Location: Some feeds generate huge amounts of information,
so you may want to send that information to a special folder or
even to a totally separate data file. That can be particularly true
for podcasts. If you’re on a big corporate network that limits the
amount of e-mail you’re allowed to store, you may want to send
your RSS subscriptions to a separate Outlook data file to avoid
running out of space.
•Downloads: Outlook automatically downloads only a brief summary
of each item, which saves disk space but requires you to manually
download the full text of each item one by one.
When you’re subscribing to a podcast, it’s best to select the
Automatically Download Enclosures for This Feed check box so
that you receive the actual podcast file along with the posting that
describes it.
•Update Limit: Some RSS feed publishers don’t let you update your
information too frequently. If you try to update too often, they
cancel your subscription. If there’s a limit assigned to the feed
you’ve chosen, this check box is automatically selected.
6. Click OK.
7. Click Close.
As you can see, subscribing to a podcast takes a few more steps in Outlook
than it does in Internet Explorer, but you get more options. You can also
subscribe to a feed through Internet Explorer, then go to Outlook’s RSS page,
select that feed, and click the Change button to modify your options.
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