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Reading Feeds
IE versus Outlook
You don’t absolutely need to use Outlook
for reading RSS feeds. You can sign up for
RSS feeds in several popular Web browsers,
including Internet Explorer 7 or newer. If you
have an earlier version of Internet Explorer,
you can download the latest version for free
ie and get started with RSS. Internet Explorer
is a good program for reading blogs and news
feeds, but it doesn’t offer any tools for managing
the huge amount of information that RSS can
deliver. That’s where Outlook comes in. You
can also buy a number of specialized programs
for managing news feeds, but Outlook does a
pretty good job if you’re just getting started.
Figure 11-5:
dialog box.
Reading Feeds
After you’ve subscribed to an RSS feed, it appears in the RSS Feeds folder in
the Outlook Folder list. No matter whether you’ve subscribed to YouTube
channels, podcasts, blogs, or anything else, you can read feeds as easily as
you read e-mail.
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