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Feed Me, Seymour: Sharing
Feed Me, Seymour: Sharing
It’s nice to share. People like it when you share your dessert, your table at
a restaurant, or especially your lottery winnings. If you run across an RSS
feed that you like, Outlook lets you share that too, as long as the person with
whom you want to share that feed has Outlook 2007 or later. Outlook 2013
shares feeds nicely with Outlook 2007, but earlier versions can’t read RSS
To share a feed, follow these steps:
1. Open an RSS feed you’ve added to Outlook.
2. Click the Share This Feed button in the Home tab’s Ribbon.
A specially formatted e-mail message appears, showing the name of the
feed you’ve chosen to share.
3. Fill in the person’s e-mail address.
4. Click Send.
You’ve done your good deed for the day.
If someone else has shared a feed with you, you’ll get an e-mail message with
the words Subscribe to This Feed at the top of the message. Just click those
words and click Yes in the dialog box that pops up.
Using the Outlook Social Connector
Outlook 2013 has a feature called the Outlook Social Connector — the People
pane — to help you keep track of your contacts’ and colleagues’ social media
activities. I know it sounds creepy at first, but in time you’ll appreciate being
able to see your colleagues’ other activities, not just what they say in their
e-mail messages. Of course, that may depend on the nature of your colleagues’
other activities — sometimes you don’t want to know.
Using the People pane
The People pane is in two locations in Outlook:
At the bottom of the Reading pane when you’re reading an e-mail. If you
want to see the People pane while you’re reading an e-mail, click the
People Pane button in the Ribbon’s View tab.
At the bottom of a person’s contact record in the People module.
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