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Feed Me, Seymour: Sharing
The People pane can show you personal and social information that someone
has posted to Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Live, and LinkedIn.
When you get an e-mail from someone whose name you’ve added to your
Contacts list, the information you’ve stored about him or her appears in the
People pane. If you’ve added a picture to the contact record, that appears
too. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve added a picture of a pig or a bucket
of slop to that person’s contact record — whatever’s in the contact record
shows up in the People pane. It’s fun — think of the possibilities!
If you work at a company that uses SharePoint, the information that your
colleagues have posted about themselves on SharePoint will turn up in the
People pane so that you don’t have to go rummaging around the SharePoint
server to find out what they’ve been doing.
Adding a Facebook or LinkedIn
connection to Outlook
Facebook ( , on the other hand, is probably the most
popular site for the lighter side of life, and is the way many people stay
connected to family and friends. It’s the place where people post photos and
freely talk about that Las Vegas vacation and everything that happened there
(and should have stayed there).
LinkedIn ( is the largest and best-known social media
service. You rarely find people describing what they had for breakfast or
posting pictures of their kittens there. LinkedIn can be a valuable resource
for finding jobs and discovering people with common business interests.
I’ve found that Outlook and LinkedIn make a productive pair. LinkedIn invites
you to create links with people you know, both business acquaintances and
personal friends. However, the people with whom you create connections on
LinkedIn must be LinkedIn members, too.
Figuring out which LinkedIn members you might already know can be a
timeconsuming chore. Connecting LinkedIn with Outlook makes that task simpler
and makes both products more valuable and easier to use.
When you add LinkedIn to the Outlook Social Connector, a new contact folder
appears in the Navigation pane and displays everyone with whom you’re
connected on LinkedIn, including pictures and contact information, organized
just like your regular Outlook contacts. It also links to that person’s LinkedIn
profile in the website box, which allows you to look up information about
that person.
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