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Chapter 12: Powering Your Home Office with Outlook
Keep your e-mail to yourself
Nearly every company that offers Internet
connections also offers e-mail service. They
often make their e-mail amazingly easy to
set up and start using. Don’t take the bait.
After you set up an address with Verizon or
Comcast and send e-mail from that address for
a year or more, it gets more and more difficult
to change your ISP because you have to
notify everyone you know of your new e-mail
address. You can get your own e-mail address
from lots of different services; many of them
are free. You can even set up your name as an
e-mail address. For example, if your name is
Mordecai Roblevsky, you could get the address . If you have
a more common name, such as John Smith, it
might be too late to grab your name as an e-mail
address. You could either choose a variation on
your name or change your name to Roblevsky.
My favorite service for setting up custom
Internet and e-mail addresses is Go Daddy
( ). Go Daddy provides
good service overall, despite how racy their
Super Bowl commercials get. Microsoft also
offers free e-mail through its Hotmail service
( ) , Windows Live service
( ) , and Outlook.
com ( ) . Be advised that
Microsoft is working to upgrade all Hotmail and
Windows Live accounts to in the
very near future, if not already.
Online services, such as America Online and MSN (Microsoft Network), once
served as most people’s ISPs, and they still offer that service along with a
variety of other features, such as discussion forums and file libraries. If you
belong to an online service, you don’t need a separate ISP. On the other hand,
if you’re getting onto the Internet for the first time, it doesn’t make sense to
seek out a full-featured online service; a basic ISP is probably all you need.
Everything about the Internet and online services can — and does — change
quickly. The best way to get and use an online service may change with the
introduction of new technologies and services, but what I tell you here is how
it is in 2013.
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