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Chapter 13: Merging Mail from Outlook to Microsoft Word
Chapter 13
Merging Mail from Outlook to
Microsoft Word
In This Chapter
Creating mailing labels
Compiling form letters
Merging from selected contacts
Addressing envelopes
Creating merged e-mail
If you’re new to the world of form letters, mail merge is the term that
computer people use to describe the way you can create a letter on a
computer and print umpteen copies, each addressed to a different person.
You probably get lots of mail-merged letters every day. When you send a
mass mailing, it’s called mail merge. When you get a mass mailing, it’s called
junk mail.
Outlook manages the names and addresses and passes them over to Word. If
you’re not running any version of Microsoft Word, you can’t run a mail merge
from Outlook. For those of you who are sentimental, I’ve heard tell that you
can run the Outlook mail merge with any version of Microsoft Word. As I write
this, you can’t even buy Outlook 2013 without buying the whole Office 2013
suite, so I assume that you have the latest version of both programs.
You can perform a mail merge without using Outlook, if you like. If you’re
sending a letter to people who aren’t in your Contacts list (and you don’t
want to clutter your list with unnecessary names), use the Mail Merge feature
in Microsoft Word. For more about Microsoft Word 2013, take a look at Word
2013 For Dummies by Dan Gookin (published by Wiley).
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