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Conjuring Mailing-Label Magic
Conjuring Mailing-Label Magic
You may need to send a message to a whole group of people to notify them of
a party or a meeting or some good news. In that case, you can create a set of
mailing labels for everyone in your Contacts list in a flash. The list connects
to Word’s Mail Merge feature, so you don’t have to mess around with exporting
files and figuring out where they went.
Urging to merge
I like to test mail merge format before doing an actual merge. You can print
the label information on regular paper to see what they look like. If you make
a mistake setting up the merge, it’s faster to find out by printing one page of
messed-up “labels” on plain paper than by printing 300 messed-up labels.
Make sure you have the right labels in your printer. Then, follow these steps
to create a set of mailing labels:
1. Click People in the Navigation pane.
Your list of contacts appears.
2. Click the Mail Merge button in the Ribbon (under the Home tab).
The Mail Merge Contacts dialog box appears (see Figure 13-1).
Figure 13-1:
The Mail
dialog box.
3. In the Merge Options section, choose Mailing Labels from the
Document Type list.
4. Choose New Document from the Merge To list.
New Document is usually already chosen, but check to be sure.
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