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Conjuring Mailing-Label Magic
9. Choose an option in the Product Number drop-down menu.
Check the stock number on your label and make sure that it’s the same
as the one you’re choosing. If the stock number isn’t available, you can
look at the label dimensions in the Label Information section of the
Label Options dialog box.
10. Click OK.
The Label Options dialog box closes.
11. Click the Close button in the Mail Merge Helper dialog box.
The Mail Merge Helper dialog box closes.
12. Click the Address Block button in the Microsoft Word Ribbon.
The Insert Address Block dialog box appears (see Figure 13-4) to show
you what will appear in the labels you’re about to create.
13. (Optional) Click to put check marks in the different options and click
OK when you’re done:
•Insert Recipient’s Name in This Format
•Insert Company Name
•Insert Postal Address
•Format Address According to the Destination Country/Region
Each time you click a choice, an example appears in the Preview box
to the right. If you don’t like any of the options or you don’t need them,
leave everything alone and click Cancel.
Figure 13-4:
The Insert
dialog box.
The Insert Address Block dialog box closes and your document shows a
funny-looking code: <<AddressBlock>>. That’s called a merge code, and
it lets Microsoft Word know which information to put in your document.
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