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Chapter 14: Big-Time Collaboration with Outlook
each person’s schedule so that you can see when everyone has free
time. Depending on how Outlook connects to the Exchange server, it
might take a few moments for Outlook to get everyone’s schedule. If
Outlook doesn’t connect with an Exchange server, Outlook says that it
doesn’t have information about the attendees’ schedules.
9. On the timeline at the top of the Attendee Availability page, click your
preferred meeting time.
The time you pick appears in the Start Time box at the bottom of the
Attendee Availability page. If you want, you can enter the meeting start
and end time in the boxes at the bottom of the Attendee Availability
page instead of clicking the timeline. If you don’t see a time when
everyone you’re inviting to your meeting is available, you can select a
time that works for everyone from the list of available time slots in the
Suggested Times window.
10. Click the Appointment button.
The Appointment page appears, with the names of the people you
invited in the To box at the top of the form.
11. Type the subject of the meeting in the Subject box, and add details
about where the meeting will be held in the Location box.
The subject you enter appears in the Subject box, and the location
appears in the Location box.
Many people also use Outlook to set up times for telephone conference
calls. The Location box is a good place to enter the dial-in number and
conference code when you set up conference calls. Not only does that
make the information easier for your attendees to find, but the next time
you organize a call, you can click the arrow in the Location box to pull
your codes up again.
12. In the Message box, type information that you want attendees to know
about your meeting.
13. Click Send.
Your meeting request is sent to the people that you’ve invited, and the
meeting is added to your calendar.
If your system administrators see fit, they can set up Exchange accounts for
resources such as conference rooms. If they do, you can figure out a location
and its availability for your meeting while you’re figuring out who can attend.
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