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Viewing Two Calendars Side by Side
schedule while the executive is busy doing other things. Sometimes, when
you’re working as someone’s assistant, you need to see both the boss’s
calendar and your own calendar simultaneously. If you have the required rights
(permissions), Outlook can display both calendars side by side — and you
can compare schedules at a glance.
After you’ve gone through the steps to open someone else’s calendar, you’ll
see a section labeled Shared Calendars when you click the Calendar button
and open the Folder pane. There you’ll see the names of people whose
calendars you’ve opened. If you select the check box next to one of those names,
that person’s calendar appears on-screen right next to yours; see Figure 14-12.
You can change the date displayed in either calendar by clicking on the date
you want to see, exactly the same way you do it when you’re only viewing
one calendar.
(Your screen might look pretty cluttered when you put two busy schedules
side by side, so you may need to switch to a one-day view to keep the screen
comprehensible.) When you’re done viewing two schedules, click the box in
the Folder pane next to the other person’s name to go back to viewing one
Figure 14-12:
View your
and another
calendar at
the same
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