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Viewing Two Calendars Side by Side
Viewing two accounts
If your boss gives you permission to view his or her entire Outlook account,
you can set up your copy of Outlook so that both your folders and the boss’s
folders show up in your Outlook Folder list.
When you want to see your calendar, click your Calendar folder; when you
want to see the boss’s calendar, click the boss’s Calendar folder.
To add a second person’s account to your view of Outlook, follow these steps:
1. Right-click your account name in the Folder list.
Your account name is located above the Inbox icon, and when you
rightclick it, a menu appears.
2. Choose Data File Properties.
The Data File Properties dialog box appears, showing the General tab.
3. Click the Advanced button.
The Microsoft Exchange dialog box appears.
4. Click the Advanced tab.
The Advanced tab in the Microsoft Exchange dialog box appears (as
shown in Figure 14-14).
5. Click the Add button.
The Add Mailbox dialog box appears.
Figure 14-14:
someone else’s
folders to
your Outlook
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