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Using SharePoint Team Services
If you have the correct permissions, you can edit the document offline and
then send the updated document to the SharePoint site with your changes.
You can’t typically add new items to SharePoint folders directly through
Outlook, however. Instead, you normally add information to SharePoint
through the respective Microsoft Office application (such as Word) or when
logged in to the SharePoint site with your Web browser.
You can view shared SharePoint calendars and tasks in Outlook exactly the
same way that you view Outlook calendars or tasks information. They appear
in the same lists as your own calendars and tasks — you can even view shared
calendars side by side with your own calendar, as described earlier in this
chapter. If you have the correct permissions, you can change the calendars
and tasks, or create new entries.
So when are you most likely to run across SharePoint, and when will you use
Exchange? In my opinion, Exchange is best suited for communicating,
scheduling, and task setting among people who share the same e-mail system,
while SharePoint is better suited for people who need to collaborate with
shared documents and information — especially for those who don’t share
the same e-mail system or company resources.
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