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Customizing the Ribbon
Wasn’t that easy? If you really want to get your hands dirty, you can choose
More Commands from the menu, which opens the Outlook Options screen,
where you’ll see about ten more choices on the Popular Commands menu.
Those commands include Print, Forward, and Undo. I don’t know why those
commands are so popular. Eat More Ice Cream would be popular with me,
but nobody asked me. You can click the words Popular Commands to reveal
a list called All Commands. The All Commands list includes hundreds of
choices, none of which is Eat More Ice Cream. What a letdown! But just about
everything Outlook can do is represented in the All Commands list.
Customizing the Ribbon
Because the Ribbon is the nerve center of Microsoft Office, you have good
reasons for wanting to make it your own. On the other hand, the Quick Access
toolbar looks the same no matter which Outlook module you’re using, so
you might consider holding off on customizing the Ribbon until you’re sure
that you can’t get what you’re after by customizing the Quick Access toolbar
Remember, also, that the Ribbon is made up of several tabs, and each
Outlook module has a different Ribbon, each of which has a different set of
tabs and a different set of buttons. If you add a button to the wrong part of
the Ribbon, you might not be helping yourself.
Follow these steps to customize the Ribbon:
1. Go to the Outlook module Ribbon, and click the tab that you want to
The Ribbon you’re about to modify appears on the screen.
2. Right-click any area of the Ribbon.
A shortcut menu appears.
3. Choose Customize the Ribbon.
The Outlook Options screen appears (see Figure 16-2).
4. Drag the command you want to add to or remove from the Ribbon to
the spot where you want it to appear.
By dragging, you can change the order in which buttons appear on the
Ribbon to suit your preference. If you want to add a whole new
command to a Ribbon, click the New Group button first and then add the
command to the new group. For example, if you want to add a Quick
Print button to the View tab of any ribbon, you need to create a new
group first.
5. Click OK.
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