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Enjoying the Views
Figure 16-2:
The Outlook
offers more
options than
you could
ever need.
The commands on the right side of the screen are the ones that are already
in the Ribbon. You can remove them if you want. The commands on the
left side of the screen are the ones you might be able to add to the Ribbon.
Outlook won’t let you add just any command anywhere, though. You can
only add a command to a particular Ribbon if that command is suitable to the
module in which that Ribbon appears. For example, you can’t add the Mark
Complete command for Tasks to the Calendar Ribbon — that command isn’t
useful in that location. So the Add button will be grayed out to show that you
can’t add that command to that location, even if you try.
If you get carried away and customize Outlook beyond recognition, you can
undo all your customizations by clicking the Restore Defaults button on the
Outlook Options screen. That wipes out all your customizations, but it makes
Outlook look normal again.
Enjoying the Views
Choosing a view is like renting a car. You can choose a model with the
features you want, regardless of whether the car is a convertible, minivan, or
luxury sedan. All cars are equipped with different features — radios, air
conditioning, cup holders, and so on — that you can use (or ignore) as you
please. Some rental car agencies offer unlimited free mileage. Outlook views
are much more economical, though. In fact, they’re free.
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