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Enjoying the Views
The Card view shows you only a few items at a time because the cards are
so big. To make it easier to find a name in your Contacts list, type the first
letter of the name that your contact is filed under. Before you know it, you
see that person’s Address Card. Also, be consistent with name order: Always
put the first name first (or last — whichever you like best) when entering
a contact.
Calendar views
The Calendar has a set of views that are particularly suited to viewing
dates and setting appointments. This view adds Day, Work Week, Week,
Month, and Schedule View buttons to the toolbar, enabling you to switch
among views easily. All these views also display a monthly calendar. You
can click any date in it to switch your view to that date (as shown in
Figure 16-6).
Figure 16-6:
Starting a
day in the
life of your
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