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Playing with Columns in Table/List View
3. Select the type of field that you want to add.
The words Frequently-Used Fields appear in the text box at the top
of the Field Chooser. Those words mean that the types of fields most
people like to add are already listed. If the name of the field you want
isn’t in one of the gray boxes at the bottom of the Field Chooser dialog
box, you can pull down the menu that Frequently-Used Fields is part of
and see what’s available.
4. Drag the field into the table.
Be sure to drag the new item to the table’s top row, where the heading
names are (see Figure 16-7).
Figure 16-7:
field has
dragged to
the top row
of the table.
Notice that the names in the Field Chooser are in the same kind of gray box
as the headers of each column. Two red arrows show you where your new
field will end up when you drop it off.
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