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Playing with Columns in Table/List View
2. Drag the edge of the column until it’s the width that you desire.
The two-headed arrow creates a thin line that you can drag to resize the
column. (Figure 16-9 shows a column being widened.) What you see is
what you get.
Figure 16-9:
the Status
If you’re not really sure how wide a column needs to be, just double-click the
right edge of the column header. When you double-click that spot, Outlook
does a trick called size-to-fit, which widens or narrows a column to exactly the
size of the widest piece of data in the column.
Removing a column
You can remove columns that you don’t want to look at. To remove a
column, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the heading of the column that you want to remove.
A menu appears.
2. Choose Remove This Column.
Zap! It’s gone!
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