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Grouping Items
deductions, and another pile of checks for the money that you invested in For
Dummies books. Then you can add up the amounts that you spent in each
category and enter those figures in your tax return.
The quickest way to group items is to right-click the heading of the column
you want to group by and then choose Group By This Field (as shown in
Figure 16-10). The Group By box automatically appears, and the name
of the field you chose automatically appears in the Group By box. Isn’t
that slick?
Figure 16-10:
You can
group items
with just a
few clicks.
Viewing grouped items
A grouped view shows you the names of the columns that you used to create
the grouped view. If you click the Contacts icon and choose the List view
(which groups your contacts by company), you see a group of triangular
icons on the left side of the list. The word Company appears next to each
icon because that’s the column that the view is grouped on. A company name
appears next to the word Company; the grouped view has a separate section
for each company in the list (see Figure 16-11).
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