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Grouping Items
The icon to the left end of the word Company either points directly to the
right or down and to the right.
An icon pointing directly to the right means that there’s more to be
seen: Click it to reveal the other items that belong to the group.
A triangle tilted down and to the right means that there’s nothing more
to see; what you see is what you get in that group.
If you click the name of the company but not the icon, you select the entire
group. You can delete the group if you select the company name and press
Delete. When a group bar is selected, it’s highlighted in blue to distinguish it
from the others.
Figure 16-11:
contacts in
List view.
Viewing headings only
You can click each triangle one at a time to open and close individual groups,
or you can open or close all the groups simultaneously.
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