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Saving Custom Views
Assigning a category
When you first set up Outlook, you can find out what categories are available
by clicking the Categorize button on the Home tab. The Categorize button
looks like a small, multicolored tic-tac-toe square (see Figure 16-12). Several
other Outlook modules also show the Categorize button; it does the same job
wherever you find it. Clicking the Categorize button opens a list of (surprise!)
categories, each named after a color. If you simply want to color-code your
items from the default, the process is pretty simple.
Figure 16-12:
Follow these steps to assign a category to an item:
1. Click the item you want to categorize.
The item is highlighted.
2. Click the Categorize button and choose from the list.
A colored block appears in the item to indicate which category you
You can assign multiple categories to each item, although putting too many
on an item may be more confusing than assigning no categories at all.
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