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Getting Caught Up on Web E-Mail Basics
2. Click the New button in the Ribbon.
The New Message screen opens (see Figure 17-3).
3. Fill out the New Message screen.
Put your recipient’s address in the To box, a subject in the Subject box,
and the message in the main box.
4. Click the Send button in the Ribbon.
Your message is on its way.
Figure 17-3:
The New
If you’re not ready to send your message right away, click Save Draft in the
Ribbon. Start working on your message later by clicking the Drafts folder and
then clicking the message.
Flagging messages
You can flag a message in, but you have just the one flag option.
You can’t choose levels and you can’t add dated reminders (like you can in
the desktop version). To flag a message in your Inbox, click the ellipsis in the
Ribbon and select Flag from the drop-down menu (see Figure 17-4).
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