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Organizing Contacts
Figure 17-5:
Set your
message to
priority in the
dialog box.
5. Choose the options you want.
6. Click the Send button.
It’s a good idea not to overuse the message options. Setting all your messages
to High, for example, eventually leads people to ignore your priority markings.
(“Oh, she thinks everything is urgent; just ignore her.”). In fact, sometimes it’s
wise to mark a message as low priority. That tells the person you’re
contacting that you respect her time, but that you also want to keep her informed. A
little courtesy goes a long way. For a full explanation of message options, see
Chapter 4.
Organizing Contacts
The whole point of is to let you see your collection of
information from anywhere — and what’s more important than keeping track of the
people in your Contacts list? Practically nothing, so I show you the basics in
the following sections.
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