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Organizing Contacts
Figure 17-6:
You can
choose a
way to view
To add a new contact through, follow these steps:
1. Click the arrow beside Outlook in the Ribbon and choose People.
The People (Contacts) application screen appears with your Contacts
2. Click the New icon in the Ribbon.
The Add New Contact dialog box opens.
3. Fill in the blanks in the Add New Contact form.
The information you type appears in the Add New Contact form (as
shown in Figure 17-7).
4. Click Save.
The Add New Contact form closes, and the name you entered appears in
your list of contacts.
If you want to edit a contact you’ve entered, just open a contact record, click
Edit in the Ribbon, and follow the same steps. (For a fuller explanation of
Outlook contact entries, see Chapter 7.)
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