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Using Your Calendar
Do I have to say it? (Probably . . .) If you want your Outlook 2013 data and your data to sync automatically, you must be using the same e-mail
address on both systems. Your calendar data won’t be the same if you sign up
for an e-mail account but use a POP account from another
service on Outlook 2013. You can have multiple e-mail accounts on;
just create a new one and link it to the preferred account you’re using on the
desktop version of Outlook.
To enter an appointment, follow these steps:
1. Click Calendar in the Ribbon.
The calendar shows your appointments (see Figure 17-8).
2. Click the New button on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
The Add an Event form appears.
3. Click the What box and enter a name for your appointment.
Enter something that describes your appointment, such as Meeting with
Bambi and Godzilla.
4. Click the Where box and enter a location for your appointment.
Hmmm, perhaps central Tokyo?
5. Click the arrow next to the Calendar box and choose the right calendar.
You can link multiple calendars to
Figure 17-8:
calendar displays
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